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          The annual meeting of Green Spring will be held in 2022
          TIME:2023-02-01 HITS:896

          On January 18, 2023, the 2022 year-end summary and outstanding employee recognition conference of Xi'an Green Spring Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held.

          The conference opened in the wonderful and sincere New Year speech of Mr. Hua Qiang, the general manager of the company; Afterwards, the staff of each department made a summary report on the work of the year; Afterwards, Ms.  Jady Bai, Deputy General Manager, made a comprehensive, objective and fair summary of the development of the company in 2022, and put forward the future development ideas of the company in 2023. The meeting commended and commended the company's outstanding employees in 2022.

          After the conclusion meeting, the company held a New Year dinner at the South Hotel. At the dinner, all the staff raised their glasses to celebrate the new year and wished the gathering a better tomorrow. The exciting draw made the whole party climax. The whole annual meeting concluded successfully in an atmosphere of harmony, warmth, passion and joy.

          2022 is an extraordinary year, and 2023 is an arduous year. But we firmly believe that action is bound to arrive. As long as we persevere and do not change our original intention, we will eventually arrive.