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          Xi'an Lvquan Technology will participate in the 2021 WPE-WHPE exhibition
          TIME:2021-08-03 HITS:1569

          At 9 am on July 28, the 2021 Western Natural Extracts, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Innovative Raw Materials Exhibition and Western Natural Food Nutrition and Health Products Exhibition officially kicked off at the Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasted for 3 days and gathered domestic exhibitors and industry experts in the plant extract industry, pharmaceutical industry, health care product industry and other fields. It can be said to be a top event in the plant extract industry.

          This exhibition offers two exhibition halls, Hall 4 and Hall 6. Our booth number is Hall 4 A01-29.

          The exhibition provided a variety of samples such as ginseng extract, rice bran wax, coenzyme Q10, epimedium extract, drynaria extract, natural ferulic acid, etc.

          There is an endless stream of customers consulting products on site, and colleagues in the sales department earnestly understand customer needs and resolve customer doubts.

          In this exhibition, while reaching cooperation agreements or intentions with many customers, it also conducted friendly exchanges with peers, made many new peer partners, learned about the latest market in the plant extract industry, and opened up an international perspective. Future development will also bring new opportunities.