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          Green Spring Technology successfully participated in the Vitafoods exhibition
          TIME:2023-05-22 HITS:2752

          From May 9th to 11th, 2023, the annual Vitafoods Europe Exhibition will be held in Geneva, Switzerland as scheduled. The theme of this year's exhibition will focus more on sustainability, personalization, and innovation in healthy and nutritious food.

          According to official statistics, there are more than 700 exhibitors and 15,000 professionals this year, who will discuss in depth the challenges and opportunities of health food innovation, including life stages and Healthy Aging etc.

          After more than 20 years of development, Vitafoods Europe has become the development vane of the European and even global health products and functional food markets. Over 130+ new raw materials & products were unveiled at this year's exhibition, including raw materials, end products, application solutions, innovative dosage forms and other categories.

          In this exhibition, our company sent a delegation of 6 people to participate in the exhibition. The products exhibited by the company include: coenzyme q10, compound stevia, marigold extract, ferulic acid, saw palmetto extract, black rice extract, rhodiola rosea extract, NMN, glutathione, ginger extract , rosemary extract, octacosanol, sodium copper chlorophyllin, lycopene, tomato powder, rutin, quercetin, rhamnose and other products.

          During the three-day exhibition, while reaching cooperation agreements or intentions with many customers, we also had friendly exchanges with peers, made many new peer partners, learned about the latest market conditions in the plant extract industry, and broadened our international horizons. The future development of science and technology will also bring new opportunities.