Marigold Oleoresin
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Product name: marigold
Lutein oleoresin specification:
1) Lutein oleoresin: 120g/kg, 150g/kg, 180g/kg, etc
2) Lutein powder form: 5%, 10%, 20%, 80%, etc
3) Lutein oil form: 20%, etc
4) Test method: HPLC

Lutein Oleoresin is obtained from marigold flower by fermentation, subcritical extraction and concentration. Its main components are mainly xanthophills and other carotenoids,plant fat and wax. Soften to oleoresin under the conditionsof above 30°C. When temperature reaches to 40°C, the product becomes sticky liquid. It is soluble in vegetable oil,ethonal and hexane, not soluble in water.