Paprika Oleoresin
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Product name: capsicum oleoresin
Specification We can Supply
1. Paprika Oleoresin oil soluble products upto 40000cu-140,000 C.U. and water soluble products upto 60,000 C.U
2. Capsicum Oleoresin Oil Soluble products upto 60% capsaicin and water soluble products upto 30% capsaicine
3. Capsicum Powder - 95% capsaicin
Capsicum Oleoresin is used to add pungency to manufactured and packaged food products such as Chips, Sauces, Spreads etc. Oleoresin Capsicum is also used extensively by OC spray manufacturers. Oleoresin Capsicum sprays are being used as a self defence tool and also by law enforcement agencies.
?Ingredient in making Hot Sauces
?Add flavour to Chips, Spreads and other snacks
?In making OC sprays (Pepper sprays) used as self-defense
?In making Pain relief Sprays/Creams/lotions